Opening in May of 2011, believe it or not, we're the only location of Potstickers & Boba Tea in the Metroplex. But who exactly are we and what makes us so special? Well, just as the name implies, we specialize in potstickers and boba tea. Boba (also known as “bubble” or “pearl” in some places) is a form of tapioca ball used to give a sweet flavor and chewy texture to a variety of desserts or drinks, like our tea. We prepare our teatea farm fresh every day, both green and black, and offer them with over a dozen standalone flavors. Or, if you're up for experimenting, you can even mix those flavors to discover your own combinations. Not a fruit tea person? We also offer milk tea, slushies, and smoothies with even more flavors.

Ada grew up on a tea farm in Southeast China (that her parents still own), and she's spent her whole life around tea. No bags are used; every batch is made from quality whole tea leaves. Her parents owned a restaurant in China, selling home-style food to people, and Ada has been learning the art of cooking from them since she was 5 years-old. Even to this day she still uses her mom's family recipe to make their potstickers (or dumplings) fresh, hand-made, and from scratch. In fact, most everything on their menu is from the family recipe book with authentic hints of both Hunan and Sichuan influence (the provinces where her parents are from). When you come visit us and see the poster on the window that says “Grandma's Recipe,” we mean it.